Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Activate your body’s natural healing power

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Can Regenerative Therapy Help Me?

Regenerative medicine helps to create new cells in existing healthy tissues and helps repair tissues in areas that are injured or damaged. The cells naturally work to reduce inflammation, prevent cell death, prevent infection, and generate new blood vessels and tissue.

Regenerative therapy has successfully treated a wide range of orthopedic conditions, including soft tissue injuries involving tendons and ligaments, as well as arthritis. At Axis Spine Center, we use regenerative medicine to treat pain in tendons, ligaments, joints, the neck, the back, and so much more!

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Why Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy can be an effective and less invasive alternative to surgery. Regenerative therapies activate your body’s natural healing power – you use your own cells to grow new tissue. Benefits of this type of therapy include increased healing potential, decreased pain, increased function, faster recovery time and less time away from sports or daily activities.

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What are the types of regenerative therapies?

At Axis Spine we offer two different regenerative therapy treatments:

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Stem Cell Injections

Stem cells are early-stage cells that have the potential to develop into other specialized types of cells. They are found all around the body in various tissues and organs, but the most easily accessible and highest concentrated areas are in bone marrow. At Axis Spine Center we utilize stem cells present in bone marrow typically harvested from the iliac crest (the hip bone).

Stem Cell Injections

Effective stem cell treatments are only possible using your own stem cells. Stem cells from other (donor) sources will be treated by your body as a foreign substance and will be rejected and eliminated.

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PRP Injections

PRP stands for platelet-rich-plasma. Plasma that is rich in platelets contains growth factors, anti-inflammatories, and proteins that attract stem cells to a location to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and regain function. PRP is different from stem cell injections in that the platelets attract stem cells to the area. In contrast, injecting the stem cells places the cells exactly where they need to be to exert their effect.

PRP Injections

PRP is different from stem cell injections in that the platelets attract stem cells to the area. In contrast, injecting the stem cells places the cells exactly where they need to be to exert their effect.

Why Bone Marrow?

Stem cells harvested from bone marrow are specifically prepared to regenerate soft tissue. They are ready to be used in a patient after a short process involving minimal manipulation of the cells. Our physicians concentrate the harvested stem cells by separating them from blood clotting agents and other cells in an FDA-approved device. Bone marrow also contains growth factors and proteins that optimize the environment for stem cells. Other sources of stem cells include adipose or fat. These cells have been shown in studies to be less effective in regenerating bone and cartilage growth when compared to bone marrow stem cells. The harvesting process to truly isolate the adipose cells is also NOT approved by the FDA, so, therefore, they are not used at Axis Spine Center.

What Will My Experience Be?

From the initial consultation to the end of your treatment, you will be guided by board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians and their teams. Throughout the procedure, our team will keep you updated on your progress and listen to your feedback, ensuring the highest quality of care. You are the highest priority here at Axis Spine Center.

When Will I Feel Relief?

Concentrated stem cells and PRP need time to address the factors that are causing the pain, and then stimulate the body to respond. Patients have reported feeling relief three weeks after a joint injection and three months after a disc injection. Because each patient is different, and each treatment area produces different results, these results may vary.

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