The right procedure, performed correctly, on the right patient leads to the best outcomes.

We design our surgical strategy to your specific needs and your specific anatomy.

Dr. Roland Kent with Excelsius Robot

At Axis Spine, we are experts in complex surgical spine care, and believe in the responsible and evidence-based provision of individualized surgical intervention to the carefully selected patient who has failed conservative treatment.

As we strive to educate and empower patients we frequently suggest avoiding unnecessary and invasive spine surgery. Our years of experience and training have taught us that many spine conditions can be effectively treated by non-surgical means.

At Axis Spine, our practice is devoted to a multi-disciplinary approach to spine health. Pain specialists, Physical therapists, physical medicine specialists, pain psychologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, osteoporosis specialists and surgeons all play an important role in effective spine care. As we develop a therapeutic alliance with patients we encourage and help to facilitate proven benefits to optimal spine health including tobacco cessation, weight loss, and improved physical fitness with surgical intervention only as necessary.

In appropriate conditions when conservative treatment fails, the correct surgical intervention (or surgical revision) can lead to quick and effective restoration of health and function while significantly decreasing pain. From the simplest to the most complex intervention, our goal for each patient is to develop a unique strategy to accomplish the objective of the surgical intervention and to avoid unnecessary future surgery.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery.
  • Motion preservation
  • Revision Spine Care
  • Deformity Correction
  • Complex Spinal Trauma Care
  • Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Care
  • Surgical Robotic Navigation for Spine Surgery


No question is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

Every surgical intervention should be done via the least invasive means possible to effectively obtain the goals of the proposed surgery. At Axis Spine we employ a host of cutting-edge techniques to minimize blood loss, reduce dissection, preserve muscle and shorten incisions. These techniques include:

  •  Anterior fusion
  • Lateral fusion
  • Percutaneous instrumentation
  • Endoscopic or minimally invasive decompression
  • Minimally invasive interbody fusion
  • Minimally invasive sacroiliac (SI) joint stabilization
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Mobi-C Motion Preservation

Fusion is not necessary in most surgical interventions. Most spine pathology that responds favorably to surgical intervention is due to compression of nervous structure. We employ a number of means to effectively decompress nervous tissue while attempting to avoid fusion when possible. These means include:

  • Cervical disc replacement
  • Lumbar disc replacement
  • Cervical laminoplasty
  • Decompressive lumbar laminectomy without fusion

Fusion should only be used in cases of instability or severe degeneration.

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Revision Spine Care

The majority of our surgical practice is devoted to caring for patients who have been previously operated on. The spine is complex and given the many levels and the number of different conditions that can affect the human spine, even a successful primary surgical procedure may require a follow-on intervention. We design each step of a revision procedure with the end in mind as a well-planned surgery is the most effective strategy to avoid an unnecessary return to the operating room.

We perform complex revision surgical care by effectively including minimally invasive and motion-preserving techniques.

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Mild or single-level degenerative changes in the spine can predispose a patient to worsening deformity. Even limited surgical procedures should be designed to avoid worsening deformity by restoring normal spinal alignment and preserving stabilizing structures. At Axis Spine, we understand spinal alignment and biomechanics and even minor surgical procedures are designed to restore the proper function and alignment of the spine.

Advanced degenerative changes and other spinal conditions can lead to severe deformity with poor spinal alignment. Complex scoliosis causing a poor quality of life requires individualized, complex surgical care to restore spinal balance and prevent the progression of deformity. Individual patient parameters including age, activity level, bone quality and severity of deformity need to be taken into consideration during preoperative planning for deformity correction. The result is a unique and highly personalized surgical prescription using appropriate techniques and implants to restore function and balance to your spine. We work with the best hospitals in our region to provide safe and effective complex spinal care.

At Axis Spine we employ the most up to date planning procedures, surgical philosophies and techniques to correct mild to severe deformity.

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When you need it most, it is important to have a surgeon who understands injury and its effects on spinal biomechanics.

Dr. Kent, having received advanced spine trauma fellowship training at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and then practicing in the military both at home and abroad, in peace and in war, has a wealth of experience in treating the injured spine. He believes in the appropriate use of time-honored technologies and, when appropriate, minimally invasive procedures to effectively stabilize the traumatized spine.

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The SI joint is a frequently overlooked cause of low back pain (20-30%). It is poorly understood and often ignored.

It is important to distinguish SI joint related issues from other spinal sources of pain and dysfunction so that an effective treatment strategy can be developed and unnecessary surgery can be avoided.

At Axis Spine, we employ several conservative measures to treat sacroiliac joint pain. We also specialize in minimally invasive surgical sacroiliac joint stabilization in the carefully selected patient when conservative treatment fails.

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After a very negative pain clinic visit with another provider, I was ecstatic to meet Dr. Jameson. She listened to my concerns, was very empathetic regarding my experiences, and was quick to make a plan to get me some pain relief. Dr. Jameson is wonderful, I would recommend her to anyone seeking chronic pain relief procedures in North Idaho.

Michelle, Couer d'Alene, ID

I have suffered from CRPS for nearly 9 years, Dr. Jameson is the 1st Dr. to take time & listen & take action towards helping me. She implanted 2 Spinal Cord Simulators, which have helped my pain considerably. She was willing to think outside the box and try different things. I highly recommend her, she has been the best doctor that I have had!!!

Shonny R, Post Falls, ID

Dr. Jameson has been my Pain Management specialist for approximately two years. During this period, she has treated me with the utmost professionalism and empathy concerning my condition. Treating someone with chronic pain can be quite challenging and she has proven to be compassionate and knowledgable throughout the process of diagnosing and treating my complex structural and nerve issues. I highly recommend Dr. Jameson and staff.

Shane F., Post Falls, ID

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Jameson and her staff. Everyone is courteous, friendly, and helpful. They’re always on time. Dr. Jameson is excellent in her knowledge and expertise. She’s compassionate and truly cares about the patient. I have seen Dr. Jameson for two problems. The first was a T8 compression fracture. I could not sit, stand, walk without excruciating pain. Her office got me in the morning after I saw my primary care physician. She performed a kyphoplasty two days later in April 2016 and I left recovery one hour after the procedure with no more pain and have had none in the past year! The second procedure was L5/S1 facet blocks and I have had no pain since the procedure!

Nancy S.

I have been a patient of Molly’s for over 15 years. I struggle daily with severe fibromyalgia and migraines and had pretty much given up on ever having any real quality of life. From my first visit with Molly I knew that I was where I needed to be. She is always courteous, compassionate, and never judgmental. She is truly dedicated to her patients and never treats me as just a number. I am a person to her. I highly recommend Molly for your pain management needs.

Karen B.

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Roland Kent while he was an active duty

military orthopedic surgeon. During my 20+year career in the sports medicine field

in the college, professional sports, and military setting, I have worked along side

some of the finest orthopedic surgeons in the profession. Dr. Kent’s unparalleled

compassion for his patients, along with his eagerness to work with ancillary

professionals in the multidisciplinary medical model (Physical Therapy, Athletic

Training, Chiropractor) makes him one of the most well rounded orthopedic

surgeons in the business

Michael H.
Dr Jameson and her staff have been so kind and helpful with any questions I had. It

is so nice to get out of bed in the morning and not have to face awful pain with my

first steps. It starts the day off on the right note!

Sandra D.